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I help tile installers and other trades contractors to be seen, heard, and understood by creating marketing content that attracts, educates, and sells services.
Two people walk through a construction site talking and making plans.
A tile contractor installer's business workshop.

Guess what can sell your services?

Clearly communicating the value of what you do.

Content that showcases your expertise communicates the value of your services. Most home and property contractors and services providers, such as tile installers, roofers, electricians, and others, don’t have the time or resources to recruit, screen, and train an in-house writer and video editor or to develop a plan for content creation and management.

Are you ready to get serious about content marketing, but you’re not sure how to get started? Good news. You’ve come to the right place.  From a single project to ongoing content creation and management, you’ll pay only for what you need without adding to your payroll.

Provide Answers. Share Stories. Build Trust.

Ditch sales pitches and start educating your target audience.

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Highly Customized Content for Websites & Marketing

Attracts prospects and helps preserve your connection with existing clients (without being annoying).

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Engaging and Informative Videos

Case studies. How-tos. Promos. Testimonials. Training. Professionally branded with your logo and contact info.

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Content Management, Brand Building, and Team Support

For those who want to transition from outsourcing to in-house content management. When you're ready, take the reins.

You solve problems like a boss.

People should know about that.

To succeed in a competitive market, people need to be able to find you. Once they do, research shows you have just over 2 minutes to convince them that you are the contractor they want. How can a skilled content writer and video editor help make this happen? Let’s count the ways. 

How (and Why) to Build a Case Studies Gallery

One of the most powerful things you can do for closing sales, increasing SEO performance, and converting site visitors to paying customers is to build and grow a case studies gallery. Let me show you how to build a truly effective one with this SurpHaces Learning Institute online course.

A large group of smiling students poses for a photo at a National Tile Contractors Association training event.

Are you a tile contractor installer?

I Specialize in the Tile and Stone Industry

With a formal education and a ton of experience in writing, editing, and digital media, as well as extensive technical training in the tile industry, I’m uniquely equipped to meet your specific needs compared to other freelance content creators. 

I stay current on industry developments and advancements in technologies by attending industry events and participating in workshops, regional trainings, round tables, and webinars. That means your content will always be relevant. 

You won’t have to waste time educating me about what you do or correcting inaccurate content. I’m a well-connected member of the NTCA with access to numerous industry resources and a large network of subject matter experts. 

NOTE: Are you in the surface care business? I work exclusively through SurpHaces LLC for surface care. Call 877-715-5313. Tell them Alice sent you.

“I’ve had the pleasure to work with Alice on several projects that included articles, videos and various other projects. She is a great writer with a knack for informative and compelling content. I continue to look forward to working with her.”
Fred Hueston (aka"Dr. Fred"), Stone Forensics
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Alice Dean
Writer, Video Editor, Content Manager

If you’re a tile contractor installer, I’m your gal. I bring almost a decade of industry knowledge and experience to the table.

Alice Dean

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