Alice pets her dog, Clyde on a mountain top.

Hello. Let me introduce myself.

I'm Alice Dean.

I live in a top floor apartment and spend a lot of time writing about floors. Top. Floor. Writer. Get it?

When I’m not getting paid to write, I’m writing for free, journaling, and writing poetry. I like to read, travel, paint, practice yoga, listen to podcasts, and sing karaoke. I’m also a bit of a wine snob.

I enjoy visiting friends and family, especially my two adorable granddaughters. One of my favorite things to do is hike with my furry friend, an old black lab named Clyde, in the mountains that surround my home in Western North Carolina.

As a freelance writer, my passion is using the written word (and video) to help clear away misconceptions and promote meaningful communication.

My Journey

My writing career began when I was five. I learned to write my name, and I was so excited about it that I wrote my name on walls, furniture, and virtually any surface that would take a pencil mark. Throughout my elementary school years, I practiced my handwriting and diagrammed sentences FOR FUN. Seriously.

From my teens into my thirties, I kept a journal, partly because I was trying to make sense of myself and this world, and partly because I love, love, love to write. I also created weekly publications professionally and taught myself basic video editing.

Eventually, my kids got older, and I decided to go back to school to get the official stamp of approval on what I had already been doing for years.

Since then, I have been writing creative and technical content for home and property services providers and trades contractors, with special emphasis in the tile and stone industry.

Think about it. When our property is in order, functioning properly, and looking clean, fresh, and welcoming, it makes a big difference in how we feel. Trades contractors make the world go round. 

I have a lot of respect for the contractors I serve, and I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to leverage my skills to make a difference in the trades industries, especially for people in tile and stone trades.

Education and Training

National Tile Contractors Association

  • Substrate Prep and Large Format Tile
  • Failures: Could It Be Me?
  • Ins and Outs of Layout
  • Online Courses, webinars, roundtables, workshops, etc. 

Schluter Systems

  • Mind Your Business

Stone Forensics

  • Inspection and Troubleshooting
  • Historic Preservation
  • Understanding Sealers for Stone and Masonry
  • Becoming an Expert Witness

SurpHaces Learning Institute

  • Marble and Stone Floor Restoration
  • Countertops and Walls
  • Stain Care PRO
  • Commercial Maintenance

Color Seal Pro

  • Grout Color Sealing

University of Central Florida

  • BA, English, Creative Writing
  • Minor, Digital Media
  • UCF Partnership Fellow, Literary Arts Partnership
  • Honors in the Major

Technical Writer

I communicate technical information for businesses so that consumers can easily understand what businesses do. I also write and produce training content, including videos, for tradespeople learning how to use tools or products.

B2B and B2C Copywriter

I write syndicated articles for consumers and B2B articles for professionals. I’ve created hundreds of case studies. My web content consistently converts visitors to paying customers.

Video Editor

I produced a boilerplate series of compelling, message-oriented videos that are utilized by professionals globally. Business owners rave about the custom videos I create, including case studies, promos, and more.

Instructor and Online Course Creator

I develop virtual learning materials, from video lessons to exercises to quizzes. I can present the subject matter for you or support and equip you as the instructor. 

How (and Why) to Build a Case Studies Gallery

One of the most powerful things you can do for closing sales, increasing SEO performance, and converting site visitors to paying customers is to build and grow a case studies gallery. Let me show you how to create a truly effective one with this SurpHaces Learning Institute online course.

Instructor and Online Course Creator for SurpHaces Learning Institute

I’m an Instructor at the SurpHaces Learning Institute.

How to Build a Case Studies Gallery.